My life has been twist and turns and I don’t seem to know where I am going, traditional and modern issues are always at war in my walking path which is why I am constantly being affected. How can I separate them both without losing respect or even gain respect for that matter, I could never maintain them both without causing enormous chaos in my so called perfect life. The fact of the matter is that the more people dwell on the modern part of their world, they seem to drag themselves more into a huge desperation black hole because they can’t let go of the traditional part of their world. I’m no different; I am part of a new generation of idiots who think that the traditional part of our world is a waste of time and should be eradicated from the face of this earth. Who am I to think that way when traditional issues played a part in every aspect of my life. I’m opting for a change but I’m going to hurt a lot of people, people I love and care for, they can choose, they’re humans after all…




I just witnessed a brutal knife swinging confrontation between two female individuals with no holds barred but their relatives and adult children stopping them from strangling and stabbing each other. Conflicts like these seem to be a norm these days where I’m from and it results from the ugly truth: Money the Root of all evil. Struggle of life itself and the problems it comes with has caused people to develop the urgent and immediate need for money making it the absolute object of their attention.

This fact brings me to my topic of borrowed money, credit or loans if I may include that.The need for money is so intense that how and why its obtained is no longer relevant as long as there is a need for it, full stop.Survival here in urban areas is tough and I do not have to stress that point as it’s an understanding in all human minds. Whether you’re a successful or unsuccessful employee or business individual the shiny qualities of money appeals to us in the same way. To acquire it and possess it regard less of the reasons and motives involved becomes our sole purpose, good or evil.

Living on borrowed money is the common statement but I like saying surviving as it has a spicier tune to it, makes the situation more realistic. People don’t seem to have the concern to save their hard earned cash or maybe the thought never crosses their minds. Whether it’s saving or investing or making it work for you, we have none of that, it’s irrelevant. Today it’s all about the time and the situation, now that’s priority, I disagree. Surviving on borrowed money is just exactly what it says, you borrow money for you daily living expenses and it’s not just food but other expenses you are committed to in your society. Even though there is a fortnight salary income that comes in, all this money is used to pay back the money you were lent and so the trend continues.

I’m suddenly having the impression that working a job here is for show and doesn’t portray anything in your lifestyle as far as your status in the community is concerned. You could have no job here and still be important or have a top paying public service position and have nothing to show for. With that been said, it shows that the trend hits anyone with a job, anyone. You fall into this trap when you start a job and before you know it, your hooked and getting out just seems difficult but not impossible.

Probably the sad part about it is the paying back of the money and the consequences if you don’t, that’s what makes the lending industry here so successful. We have the local private individuals lenders who can lend you almost about any amount under $500 dollars, and the established financial lenders whom you can probably loan any amount as long as your salary can afford it. Unlike the banks, these financial lending companies have made it so easy for desperate customers to loan money over and over again causing them to fall into the trap and unable to get out. And if they cant get it from them, than they still have the local individuals lenders and so the trend continues.

If you do borrow from both lenders than you’re in for a long long “surviving on borrowed money” system and problems that come with it. That is the reason why I had to intervene on this vicious argument this morning as the customer borrowed the money and never payed it back and disappeared,  the lender has been on the search until she finds her near my home and the knife stabbing fighting starts, and to make things worse this whole transaction happened two years ago! ridiculous right? Nope not here, that’s a norm to make you understand how severe this “surviving on borrowed money” is.



oodMy weight loss journey begins when my father was send to Princeton University, New Jersey to study Theology. I was seven and had never dreamed that I would be going to the USA, I hadn’t even heard about the place let alone go there at that age so you could just imagine my amazement and excitement when we arrived there. The food there easily became my center of attraction and to cut a long story short this was where my craving for fatty food originated because I now was addicted to McDonald’s and KFC and all the other good stuff that a modern first world country had to offer as far as food was cocerned. As you might have guessed, the weight started coming on and fast over the two years we were there.

When we returned to my home country, I couldn’t stop even though the food here was nothing compared to the greasier and sweeter food in the United States. Without realizing, a general healthy weight was always maintained because of the kind of naturally active life style we had here but when the modern culture kicked in, we were hooked, at least I was. Asian fast food shops started popping up here and there containing all the fat filled foods you could ever eat and people were now turning to the processed food in the store and were no longer concerned with gardening, fishing or hunting. People started developing over weight related problems and diseases. We were unaware of the downside of this unhealthy food due to a lot of reasons and one of them being a young third world country.

I was neglecting the healthier foods and was continually stuffing myself with anything greasy, salty and sweet. There were certain periods in my life that I shed a few kilograms here and there, attending high school was one time that I did lose lose some weight. Because the food was just crap and all the other extra-curricular activities we did to amuse ourselves did draw some attention away from my cravings. College was different because they had great food and I couldn’t get enough but because there were so much social and sports activities to do, food didn’t seem to be a priority. It’s when I got into the working class community that things took a turn for the worse. Now that I was earning my place in life I could practically do anything I like which included not watching my weight. I was a constant visitor to fast food shops for breakfast and lunch and dinner was even worse as even though my mum cooked a nice healthy meal filled with veges and brown rice, I would opt for fried chicken or roast pork and complaining at the same time, yes I was becoming a totally fat jerk.

I will continue…


With thousands of Health and Fitness blog sites already out there, what difference was I going to make if everything that had to be written was already written. I finally realized that I had to be different and unique; I had to write something special and unheard off. So thanks to the words of a fellow very successful blogger, Mary from, it dawned on me that I had approached my weight loss: the hard way article in the wrong way and that I had to change it. My post was going to be about a period in my life that would take me in a journey that I could be somewhat proud of and whether readers liked it or not, I was going to tell it.

 I already had an experience with my own methods of weight loss and diet and all the fitness stuff that all the Health and Fitness professionals have formulated, demonstrated, displayed and advertised. There are so many effective and fantastic methods out there and they all have the potential to change or improve and save someone’s life if adapted and followed correctly making little changes along the way to suit their individual needs. I really cannot relate myself to any of this stuff as none of it was available to me when I initially started with my own weight loss method which is one of the reasons why I started this a blog.

If I already had some hard earned reasons and experiences on what it was like to lose weight or even follow a strict controlled diet, that was it! That was my special story. Why can’t I just tell my weight loss story and hopefully produce something unique and inspire some readers in the process. Like a song, I have to tell my journey, post by post.

 I had to convince myself that my weight loss story was unique because it contained no special formula or any other special techniques that the modern world was now offering especially in regard to a good nutritional diet and a strength work out at the gym. My weight loss plan was developed as I carried them out, and it surprisingly took me 16 months to get where I wanted, and I’m telling you it’s not easy as they say.

To be continued…..


The modern world has definitely taken its toll in my part of the world and the impact is overwhelming. People scrounge here and there just trying to make something out of their lives or some kind of meaning to continue their struggle for a better world for their children. This factor and many others take me to the reason for this post. Many alcohol beverages have been formulated and produced in well-known companies to suit the high demand of consumers. The funny thing is we still have local producers who are also making their own illegal alcohol drinks in our communities and they’re quite popular too.

Quite commonly called “jungle juice”, but you have other names like “home brew” and “steam” which are the ones I am familiar with. The substance is quite easy to make, all you need is a metal container with an airtight screw on lid, an old hose, a gas stove or a kerosene stove or a nice fire will do the trick, and small drinking containers with screw on caps, in this case they mostly use coke cola containers, the ingredients which I am not going to mention just in case some readers decide to have some silly ideas. Now this beverage if I can call is not welcomed in our community and the more we try to stop it from being produced the more it is done illegally and in a more secured private locations.

My concern on this matter is the social impact is has on the community as a whole, it used be addicted youths or adolescents making this stuff but now amazingly its parents and well-respected adults who are involved in this and for one reason, money to get by. This drink after bottled is sold for more than $2.00 and it is in the same demand as the more expensive and properly manufactured spirits. With that price tag and its cheap production, you could make a good amount of cash to take you through the week improving your cost of living which has dramatically increased these days.

Who cares about social implications and moral issues right? Sounds familiar? I think not…


The wind blows in a melodic mystery

The sun shines holding nothing back

The sea smiles as if mocking the endless beach

Coconut trees sway to the winds gradual peacefulness

Fish flock to create a scenic beauty

A dog gazes with wondering eyes to a splashed horizon

A little girl cheers to a sandy castle

I pause, a seagull cries, its eyes unfolding to what nature defies

A window in my soul shuts, shattering a beautiful thought

An endless dream, a life that never seems


I have been bothering myself about this particular forced aspect(since childhood) of my life here in my country, community and village for quite some time now and decided that it was time to speak my mind and just blurt everything out and relieve myself of the pressure it has caused me. I am a pacific islander of the Melanesian race and I am proud of it, to be more specific I am from Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, the land of the unexpected. I come from a Motuan Society where tradition still makes time stand still. I decided to write a post on this since I had nothing else on my mind and WordPress gave me this cool idea and opportunity to rid myself of this burden. The world might give me some kind of understanding or solution and possibly some kind of outlet for me, at least I hope so.

What I am talking about is exactly as what the heading says “TIMELESS TRADITION”.

Traditional Motuan Lifestyle where I come from is a golden part of our everyday life here in my part of the world. We live life mostly based on the traditions we have learnt from our forefathers possibly ten generations back regardless of the modern age. It is timeless and has become part of our identity, and yes I am proud of that, even our national pledge says it and I quote “we pay homage to our culture and tradition” but my main emphasis is on the modern day stress it is causing some of us and believe me I am not alone. It’s probably a boring subject but it’s going to be a huge weight of my shoulder if I blog it and hopefully people out there will have some needed opinions for a fact of life that won’t be going away for some time.

 Bride Price payments and Death Feasts are my main head buster at this age and time where the modern world is creeping up on our society at a rate I am happy to welcome as a third world country, but it’s not an opinion I share with a lot of very elderly folks here, but it’s a hot issue which the young generation here often mumble about hehehe!! Yes you heard correct, mumble!. Both topics are self explanatory as written in the modern English language, but if you were to hear the motuan version and I interpreted them back in English, it would be no way near as far as explanation is concerned. There are other topics but these two I treasure the most. They probably might be the most outrageously expensive traditional practices in these modern times as we have somehow managed to merge them together with modern age lifestyle and transformed them into occasions of extremely unnecessary financial contributions and spending, purely breathtaking. If I were to continue to explain the social and spiritual impacts they have on people’s lives than we got another post coming.

Look, I may be a new fashioned modern aged guy but these issues are killing me! Yes I am willing to partake and whole heartedly involve myself in this ongoing traditions but I reckon some of these occasions should probably be either scaled down to a minimum expense or maybe done away with which I may definitely regret. By now you should be picking up my whole point here, yep you guessed it! financial strains of life, yes we all got them no one’s innocent and traditional issues are not in my opinion, helping. You guys tell me because I am not putting any more words on paper until I eat some deliciously and traditionally prepared roasted pork….hehe there goes the weight loss formula.

One more thing, modern technology here is not what you might call awesome, so you would imagine that this post might not reach the targeted audience I would hope for so I’ve written it in a way that it might get some opinion from an outsider’s perspective. I have not gone down to specific details of my subject but that can probably wait for now as I am getting a bit worried what this introduction might do, but I do feel some comfort that now I am finally doing myself a favor. I will definitely come back and write some more…..join me.