With thousands of Health and Fitness blog sites already out there, what difference was I going to make if everything that had to be written was already written. I finally realized that I had to be different and unique; I had to write something special and unheard off. So thanks to the words of a fellow very successful blogger, Mary from, it dawned on me that I had approached my weight loss: the hard way article in the wrong way and that I had to change it. My post was going to be about a period in my life that would take me in a journey that I could be somewhat proud of and whether readers liked it or not, I was going to tell it.

 I already had an experience with my own methods of weight loss and diet and all the fitness stuff that all the Health and Fitness professionals have formulated, demonstrated, displayed and advertised. There are so many effective and fantastic methods out there and they all have the potential to change or improve and save someone’s life if adapted and followed correctly making little changes along the way to suit their individual needs. I really cannot relate myself to any of this stuff as none of it was available to me when I initially started with my own weight loss method which is one of the reasons why I started this a blog.

If I already had some hard earned reasons and experiences on what it was like to lose weight or even follow a strict controlled diet, that was it! That was my special story. Why can’t I just tell my weight loss story and hopefully produce something unique and inspire some readers in the process. Like a song, I have to tell my journey, post by post.

 I had to convince myself that my weight loss story was unique because it contained no special formula or any other special techniques that the modern world was now offering especially in regard to a good nutritional diet and a strength work out at the gym. My weight loss plan was developed as I carried them out, and it surprisingly took me 16 months to get where I wanted, and I’m telling you it’s not easy as they say.

To be continued…..


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