Shortness of breath, dizziness, chest heaviness, just to mention a few, I’ve struggled with all of them and it’s a dreaded collection of sensations that nobody wants to feel within their mind and body. Living with anxiety is probably a condition that most people in the norm would really never be able to understand as it’s a form of mental illness that really doesn’t always in my opinion, involve anything organic. I’ve experienced situations that are so intense that the only thing that’s on my mind is the worst possible thing that any human is capable of suffering and you know what I am talking about. Realizing the imaginary dangers my brain is able to achieve without any physical reality behind it is in my opinion a scary feature of anxiety, I guess medical experts have yet to understand that or even to the fact that it initiates in the first place. Most people I know with the condition would maybe just brush aside specific details and go on living with the psychiatric explanations, solutions and medications even when they have gone to hell and back numerous times. I for one couldn’t live with that, initially yes but why let some unexplained mental events rob you of your right to have an exceptionally comfortable normal life, its frustrating. I just had to experiment on this condition and I think many of you would agree that you can’t and are unable at any given moment do anything when the moment comes except to imagine sudden death. My experiment is not a scientific research or anything fancy like that, it was just my own personal view of what I was going through purely based on total control of my mind combined with extreme relaxation of my body. More specifically, meditation, the patient’s bird eye view. I painstakingly went through this whole ordeal and by some divine power surprisingly survived the whole unbelievable experience, it wasn’t easy and the worst part was waiting for the attack to happen. I’ve put the experience in behind me, I am not doing it again….

HEALTH AND WELLNESS – The Weight Loss Formula

Weight loss formulas seem to have one thing in common these days: immediate effective results in a shorter period of time. Some of these formulas may be useful but I don’t think they are all fail proof. Yes maybe the individuals who developed these formulas may have professional reasons for that. We should just say that any weight loss formula is good enough and that it will just depend on the participants themselves.

I was tired of all the failures that I went through trying to follow different weight loss formula, but never had any success. I was confused and blamed myself for not trying hard enough or for not being consistent with the routines in the formula. Sometimes the nutritional diet required in the formula was not available or not affordable or it just didn’t fit my kind of style if you know what I mean. I felt that I needed to come up with something that I could gradually adapt into without disrupting any normal activities in my life and that the formula should adjust into my system but without me breaking any important rules in the long run.

Then enters Steven Strauss’s THE WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA, it’s quite awesome but I have to be honest with you, it isn’t easy. It will take time and commitment.

This new weight loss formula will change you mentally and physically. Looking for a weight loss formula that will produce results and at the same time allow you to time for other activities? Than the weight loss formula is for you…


I have been pondering on the ongoing problems arising from disputes of land,  and the impact it has on the life of so many people on earth, just to unload my heart. PNG is no exception and it has had its share of land headaches and quarrels. I take you back to my area where this issue is fast becoming a topic of discussion as now there are lives at stake here. My opinion might not count anymore but if I was running a land project or building a house or maybe just picking a fruit from someone else’s yard or making a fence or decided to make a track with my car or just simply walking across a lawn believe me I would be inviting a series of aggressive attacks from owners who are related to me in most cases, hilarious right? But it happens and I am just wondering if this so called land owners are aware that in reality nobody owns this land, we never did and we never will. The human mentality on this very confusing subject is grossly outrageous and ridiculous and I will always never understand people’s reaction to this subject…happy digging!!

Mr. Betel Nut

It’s a well known traditional practice, a favorite past time and now has already made its mark in the modern era and with so many people enjoying it, the complications it brings when chewed doesn’t really matter to anyone, or does it? Especially to the natives of this lovely land of paradise. Yes, I’m talking about the quite popular and famous trio:

The Betel nut – the leader of the pack, has on outer greenish skin layer when its ready but turns yellow when hard, this is peeled off revealing the nut within which is the part that the people consume. By itself the nut is quite soft and bitter on taste and causes a lot of salivary secretions, but sometimes the harder nuts can be just chewed all on its own without the mustard or lime.

The Mustard – is a soft long thin fruit which has a outside greenish color with a light green interior and white tiny round seeds, and it grows from a creeping plant. Occasionally if there are no mustard fruit available than the stem of the plant will almost do the same job as the fruit itself when chewed. There is a variety to choose from and all quite sour but one or two are sourly pleasant and anyway it is this sourness that gives the added nice flavor, well that’s my opinion.

The Lime – this is probably the most vital of the three ingredients that combines and completes the mixture. The substance is derived from Sea shells or coral which is burned until quite powdery and then strained until all that remains is a fine, smooth white powdery finish. Nothing else is added, the substance is consumed just as it is, but in small quantities as too much does burns the inner mucous tissues of the mouth and consequently leads to diseases you don’t want to know

That’s what all the fuss is about in the Pacific countries especially in Papua New Guinea, in no particular order are these three ingredients chewed together and either of them cannot be left out. The result of these substances put together is a reddish mixture and a taste that is indescribable, but it is that wonderful effect that it gives to your mind and body that most people would probably highlight.

The feeling is amazing, as what a sedative drug would do to you. For a short period, you experience a feeling of comfort and well being with heightened excitement and an overall sense of pleasure and satisfaction of life which ends in ten minutes (can be longer) but starts again when you chew another one. Of course there is an added bonus of spitting the juices every now and then which I think gives the consumer a feeling of freedom (I think) and everything turns red everywhere you spit, not a pretty sight. Also the fact that it can sometimes give you bad upset stomach if swallowed in excess.

Well there you have it, a brief description on this mind blowing addictive habit that we have here. It does also have an impact on the social issues of our communities but that of course is another story, stay with me.


The all so familiar mention of a broken heart by a female individual has been a common phrase I have been hearing in many activities and circumstances in this life. It has become all too common and at an alarming rate, possibly 8 out of 10 beautiful and smart women have had their hearts broken for reasons which are most commonly known to their male counterparts. Yet the man would say he never understood what happened, in most cases the poor woman would turn out to be the eventual looser and the man just adds on to it maybe knowingly or denies having any part in it.

The male species in my opinion are a confusing bunch of the human race and surprisingly making up a little above the 50% mark of the total human population on earth. You’re thinking what I am thinking right? Yep! Were equal with the females 50/50, so why can’t we just all pair up and live happily ever after. Instead, been the self proclaiming dominating species on earth over woman, they have become somewhat arrogant and greedy, stupid and disrespectful on the matters of the heart if I may say. In addition to that, they have been the more consistent in all the ups and downs of the human world overcoming any obstacles in their way with effectiveness and precision, never backing down. You would ask a common phrase that is debated quite often, where would we be if there was no man? Just an opinion, any suggestions?


A young mother from a remote village very weakly and slowly, walks painfully into the labor ward with blood all over her. The front hem of her dress held up to her waist with both her hands indicating she was carrying something outlining a lifeless body. Nothing compares the emotions I felt when I found out seconds later that it was the body of a newborn child without the head! Routine emergency medical procedures took place as usual and when we asked the mother where the child’s head was she quietly and sadly replies, “em stap insait” (in the PNG pidgin language meaning “its inside”). I am a professional health worker and I have seen my share of pain and suffering, but this was incomparable and unimaginable and it changed my life forever. The shocking details (which I am not going to say) of how this happened are indescribable let alone the strength and courage of this young mother. There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child and nothing sadder than the death of a new born child. Fortunately the young mother did survive barely after the emergency delivery of her baby’s head, but the unbelievable experience of this tragic incident changed my whole perspective on maternal health medically for the rest of my life. In reality, I never saw our female partners the same again after that. With every hardship that they go through in life, especially child birth, they will have my respect until the end of time.


Ladies, have you prepared yourself for the once in a life time question that would be thrown to you in this life time? of course not, you want to be surprised or rather pretend to be surprised because you already knew (I think in most cases..hehe!), but you would agree with me that your so called male counterparts are not very romantic these days. In fact they seem to have a way of popping the question without saying much…top of the list “WAY”?, getting you pregnant! now that’s a sure way of saying “I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU MRRY ME?” without much effort on your part, its a sealed and stamped deal! Steady girls…don’t even move an inch…